Estate Planning and Elder Law FAQs

Planning for an uncertain future may seem like daunting task. You and your family may have many questions about protecting and dividing your assets, making medical decisions, arranging living and care matters, and much more. Find answers from an experienced attorney to these questions and many more.

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  • I have done my research and would like to work with your firm. What happens next?

    Frequently Asked Questions about Working With Our Firm

    The next step is to call 704.887.5242 or email us using the contact form to the left to schedule a consultation.  If you use the contact form, please do not include highly sensitive or confidential information on the form.

    How Quickly Can I Get in to See Nancy?

    If you're ready to move forward, you should contact our office by phone or email as quickly as possible to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation. Our calendar is usually booked a few weeks out and consultations are usually scheduled at least a couple of weeks from the date of initial contact. If you have an emergency situation, please let us know and we will try to get you in to the office sooner.  

    Is there a fee for the Initial Consult?

    Yes, there is a consultation fee which is due at the time of the consultation. This fee is for our time meeting with you and for any legal advice we provide at the initial consultation. If you hire our firm at the initial consultation, the consultation fee payment you make will be credited towards the cost of your estate plan or other service. To find out the amount of the consultation fee, give us a call.

    What do I Need to do to Prepare for the Consultation?

    Prior to the consultation, you should complete one of our client questionnaires. These questionnaires are available upon request and will give us an idea about the type of estate plan, special needs planning, or long-term care planning that is right for you. 

    Does having an initial consultation mean I have hired your firm to represent me?

    No. The initial consult is a time for you to come in and meet with Nancy and talk with us about your situation. It is an opportunity for us both to determine if we are a good fit for you and you are a good fit for us. Please note, we do not take every case. An initial consultation therefore does not mean that you have hired us or that we represent you and have agreed to provide legal services to you. If we can't assist you, we will try to give you a recommendation for another attorney.

    How do I hire your firm? 

    You hire our firm by signing a legal services agreement. A legal services representation agreement sets forth the services our firm will provide and the fee you will pay for those services.

    Do you charge by the hour?

    For estate planning and special needs matters, we usually charge a flat fee. For probate and guardianship matters, the fee may be hourly or a flat fee depending on your situation. For contested matters, we must charge by the hour.

    What happens if I bring other people with me to the initial consultation?

    Depending on who comes with you and the ethics rules governing the specific situation, we may ask for other people accompanying you to wait in the lobby while the attorney meets with you privately. This is to protect your rights and the integrity of your estate planning. 

    What happens if other family members also want to do their estate planning at the same time and we all hire your firm?

    When our firm assists spouses or multiple family members with a matter such as estate planning, this is a multiple representation situation. Multiple representation can save money and it makes sense in certain circumstances but it has special rules. 

    What to Know About Multiple Representation

    A conflict can arise in the course of representing multiple clients, including a married couple or several family members.  If a conflict arises, the Law Office of Nancy L. Roberts, PLLC, its attorney and its staff cannot take sides or be partial to one or the other client, or represent one client to the detriment of the other.  Similarly, we cannot keep secrets of one from the other, but rather must be free to share information of one client with the other. 

    Our assistance to each client needs to be a true team effort.  Multiple clients may have somewhat different goals and provisions in their individual plans, which most couples and families do.  However, if secrets or incompatible differences arise, or we believe that a legal conflict of interest is developing, the Law Office of Nancy L. Roberts, PLLC and its attorney may need to withdraw and recommend that each client consult separate attorneys.  Please don’t be alarmed or put off by this forthright disclosure.  Most likely we will never have to discuss this awkward topic again.  By signing a Legal Services Agreement, you are consenting to the Law Office of Nancy L. Roberts, PLLC counseling you together if this is a multiple representation situation.

    To find out more or schedule an initial consultation, submit the contact form or call 704.887.5242. We look forward to assisting you!