Can I Save Money by Drafting My Own Will?

By drafting your own will or using pre-printed forms, you are taking a risk. Self-drafted, or online wills may not fit your circumstances, or worse, may not meet the legal requirements in your state. An online will is unlikely to maximize your ability to avoid the need for time-consuming hearings or court orders. If state requirements are not met, your will could be declared invalid and your assets pass by intestacy as if you had never drafted a will. Invalid and poorly drafted wills don't save money. They just shift the problems and legal costs to your family and loved ones. A poorly drafted will may require beneficiaries to endure a long and expensive probate process, or defend against a will contest that could have been avoided.

Consulting with an attorney will provide you with the information you need to make informed choices about your estate. Contact The Law Office of Nancy Roberts today to discuss your options.