Protecting Your Child – Why Every Parent Needs an Estate Plan!

I confess, like many people, I didn’t have a will for a number of years. Then, after becoming a mother, I realized that I needed to take steps to protect my child and make things as easy as possible on my husband if something happened to me. So, I searched the internet and found an attorney to prepare a simple will. Now, several years have passed and I need to update my will. My son is older and many of the provisions are no longer applicable. I want to make sure my will fits my family and our circumstances.

If you are like me and have delayed executing a will, remember that wills can include provisions to appoint a guardian for your children and pets, or create a spendthrift trust if your children are minors. Failing to execute  will or create a trust can jeopardize you child’s future. We all know people we wouldn’t want to raise our kids! Don’t make your grieving family members hunt for your bank accounts, or try to guess who you would have wanted to take care of your children.

Talk to an attorney licensed in your state today about an estate plan that is right for you.

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