If You are a Parent, You Need an Estate Plan.

Imagine going on a date night with your spouse and not leaving instructions and a cell number for your children's babysitter. You wouldn't dare do this would you? I'm sure you wouldn't. Most people are responsible, loving parents and leave instructions and a number in case of an emergency. If you're like me, you probably leave a huge list of instructions!

Now imagine, you and your spouse have an accident on your date night and you don't have a will naming a guardian to take care of your kids if you're gone permanently. What will happen to your children? Where will they live? Who will comfort them, care for them, make decisions about their future, and pay for their college? If you don't have a will or trust, you've left the answers to these questions up to the courts and chance. Your children deserve better!

No one knows what will happen or how long we will live. Life can change in an instant. For parents, the question about whether to get an estate plan is a no-brainer. Your children are too precious to leave their future up to chance. If you are a parent - you need a will.

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