A Guardian for Baby Yoda - Spoiler Alert!

 A Guardian for Baby Yoda

As an estate planning attorney watching the twists and turns of Baby Yoda's adventures as a foundling in Disney's The Mandalorian, I couldn't help but wonder what happened to Baby Yoda's parents and how the "Child" ended up alone. Could Baby Yoda's parent or parents have done something differently to protect their little green cutie? After all, the universe can be a hostile place. 

Putting aside the fact I didn't start practicing law in this galaxy until 1997, if Baby Yoda's parents had come to me fifty years ago when the Child was born, I would have advised them (or "It" if Baby Yoda was the product of cloning or asexual reproduction) to include the following provision in a will, 

Sample Section - Guardianship of Baby Yoda

I  appoint _________________________ as guardian of my child, Baby Yoda, if he is under 200 years of age and appointment of a guardian becomes necessary due to my death or incapacity. (Incapacity includes exile or imprisonment on any planet by any species.) If ____________________ cannot serve as guardian, then I appoint [the Mandalorian?]  as temporary Guardian of my Child, Baby Yoda, until he can be reunited with his own species.

This provision is intended to comply with the laws of Arvala-7 and any planet and galaxy in which my Child, Baby Yoda, is located.*

Because, to the best of our knowledge, Baby Yoda's parent(s) didn't do any advance planning for the "Child," thank goodness a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter with a heart of gold showed up to serve as temporary guardian until Baby Yoda can be safely (we hope) reunited with its kind. But don't count on a kindly Mandalorian to take care of your child if something unexpected happens. Talk to an estate planning attorney about naming a guardian for your minor children in your Will.

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*Disclaimer: Please note I am not licensed to practice law on Arvala-7 or in other galaxies and this sample provision is intended as educational information only for the parents of Baby Yoda (whether singular or plural) or others similarly situated and not intended as legal advice in this or any other galaxy. 

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